A Cat With A Human Face

Does an old soul live in this cat’s body?

Meet a one-of-a-kind cat–a cat with a human face!

The cat’s name is Valkyrie, and she’s a Maine Coon kitten, but she’s far from an ordinary Maine coon. The bone structure of her face is pronounced and similar to a human’s, and her face, especially her enigmatic eyes, are very expressive, adding to that “human-like” vibe. In fact, some believe she’s a human living in a cat’s body.

Whatever the case, Valkyrie is a special feline who has the power to draw people to her as her photos were an instant sensation online. Though she’s only two-months-old, she looks much older as if an old soul lives in her fluffy body. Great wisdom seems to shine from the depths of her blue-gray eyes.

The Maine Coon’s existence is surrounded by mystery to begin with. No records of the breed’s origins in the United States exist, but many hypotheses attempt to explain its history. Legend has it that this intelligent, dog-like breed crossed the ocean with the Vikings. Others claim that Marie Antoinette sent her beloved cats to Wiscasset, Maine during the French Revolution when she was planning an escape with the help of New England seaman, Captain Clough. In fact, a house still stands in Maine, which Clough built for the ill-fated Queen.

There’s also an Egyptian link as, according to genetic studies, the Maine Coon is closely related to the Egyptian Mau. However, most believe the Maine Coon, the largest domestic cat breed, is the result of breeding between domestic shorthairs and overseas longhairs.

We may never solve the mystery of this wonderful breed’s origins, and we may never understand how a cat like Valkyrie can possess such human-like qualities and magnetic allure. We only know that Valkyrie’s owner, Tatiana Rastorgueva, shared a few images of her on Instagram and people instantly fell in love with the unique kitten, which had been purchased on a Russian cat website. But one thing is clear–Valkyrie is destined to become a cat of legend. You can see more photos in this video.

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Written by Bobette Bryan


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