A Military Wife Poem in appreciation for military wives by Bobette Bryan

A Military Wife Poem in appreciation for military wives by Bobette Bryan

A military wife is a hero unlike any other.

Her courage can't be matched for only she has the strength to watch the man she loves march into battle, not knowing if he'll return.

Her dedication to duty is too great to measure for though she receives no medals or honors, she's willing to sacrifice for her husband and country whenever "duty calls."

Her service is bound by the heart and not by a bootstrap and begins the moment she takes her marriage vows.

She travels thousands of miles away from family, friends, and the life she knew in order to stand by her soldier husband's side.

Always, she's willing to uproot her family at a moment's notice for the betterment of her country, dedicated to the belief that home is wherever her husband is.

Wherever she goes, she creates miracles, even on a limited budget, making the most barren quarters a home where hearts, hope, and dreams reside. In doing so, she creates roots that hold her family together.

She's endowed with the patience of an angel, hands that juggle numerous household chores, and a heart that's always willing to love. Her smile becomes a beacon of hope and strength for her soldier husband who's far away.

Her loyalty and dedication never falters even through loneliness and wartime tears. And it's a good thing, because her soldier husband couldn't do what he does without her.

She dreads the goodbyes but lives for the hellos and cherishes each moment that she and her husband have together.

Her service is a glowing achievement that has left a bright mark on history and has helped make the nation strong.

She's humble about her contribution, but she's happy to be a military wife and is proud of her soldier husband.

Though her hardships are many, she knows she's rich in experiences, reaping the bounty of a special and fulfilling way of life.

She offers inclusion in this special service to every new military wife and passes on a legacy of love--not with a salute, but with the outstretched arms of sisterhood.

"A Military Wife," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, © 2010,
in appreciation for military wives for their service to home and country and the many sacrifices they make!

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