Dogs Hold God’s Grace

Anyone who loves a dog and is loved by a dog is following the will of God.

“God uses all things for the good of those who love God and are called
according to His purposes for them” –(Romans 8:28).

God is love. Love is made out of everything He is and everything He does. He created it. He owns it. Every single bit of love on earth comes from Him. He’s the sole source of it. And everything that’s good on earth, every kind deed, and every bit of happiness derives from His gift of love.

He created us in His image, meaning that He gave us His love and the capacity to give and receive it. In doing so, He made His love viral. One good deed touches another life with love and another, and so on.

And he gave us a very special gift of love in our dogs, instilling His love in them to give to us. “Love” and “dog” should be synonymous as love is a dog’s key characteristic, overflowing with goodness, loyalty, forgiveness. He gave this grace to dogs to see us through our journey on Earth, to lift our spirits, to teach us about life and death, and to make us better humans.

Dogs Bring Enlightenment

We can travel through the Milky Way, touch the hem of the cosmos, take in the lights of 200 billion stars, catch the sight of Sirius, the brightest star, but without love it would all merely be a dim bulb. Without love, Life wouldn’t matter. Love is what makes us more than mere particles floating in space–it’s what makes us human.  Love is the meaning, purpose, and goal of our lives, and dogs teach us that every day.

Dogs Are a Reminder of God’s Love

God sent Dogs to help us survive, to be our companions, and make our journey on Earth one of hope and possibilities. Dogs are doing the will of God through their acts of love to humans, and they’re a constant reminder of His endless love for us. A dog’s love is happiness, which has an immense force in our lives, spilling out of our hearts like a healing spring and touching others.

Dogs are Angels On Earth

Looking into a dog’s eyes is like glimpsing a bit of heaven. They’re true angels on earth, watching over and protecting us, embracing us with warmth. A dog’s love is merciful. They come to us when we’re feeling weak, offer their devotion, and give us strength. They make us feel loved, and when we feel loved, we become better humans.

Dogs Transform Lives

When a dog’s love lives in our hearts, we find ourselves making more little sacrifices for others whether it’s giving to the poor, volunteering at a homeless shelter, donating to a food pantry, or being there for someone in need. Dogs change our perceptions of all things, open eyes and make us see the world in a new and beautiful light, resulting in sharing love with others through acts of kindness.

Dogs Teach Us About the Nature of God

Through their ceaseless devotion, dogs teach us about our creator through their example.  They’re tangible examples of God’s love. We learn that no matter how far we stray, or how angry and depressed we become, or how badly we fail, that God is always there for us, waiting for us and forgiving us for our shortcomings. Unconditionally. When a dog gives us loving licks to lift our spirits, it’s an affirming of God’s love, saying, “Hang in there. We’ll get through this together.”

A Dog’s Love Draws Us Closer To Our Creator

Dogs walk closely in His image, carrying out His designs. Like God, dogs offer us a close, personal friendship that enriches our lives. Dogs touch our hearts like a warming brush of sunshine, making us feel alive, inspiring us to praise the maker for such a wonderful gift.  In countless ways, dogs remind us of God’s love and blessings, bringing us closer to Him.


Dogs Teach Us About the Meaning of Life

Life is about love and without it, life would be meaningless. Think about everything dogs do for us and the selfless love they give. They love us so much that they’re always ecstatic to see us.  The highlight of their day is when we awaken or return home, because they’re happy just to be with us. Their capacity to give love brings meaning to our lives in countless ways, makes us understand that each day is a blessing and that love is to be cherished.

A Dog’s Love Reflects New Light.

When the world seems stark and bleak, sometimes we forget that we’re special, forget that we’re a unique being created by God, forget that we’re loved. A dog’s love gives us clarity. With a loving lick, soft brush of fur, and a tail wag, dogs remind us that we’re deserving of love and have a special purpose here.

Dogs help us discover our own humanity. They show us a great truth—that only love makes the world a human world.

Love lasts forever!

Love spans all time and all space. At its greatest height, not even death can hold out against it. Love makes us want to reach for God and helps shape our lives in His image, and that’s the key to happiness.

Anyone who loves a dog and is loved by a dog is following the will of God.


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Written by Bobette Bryan


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